“VisaMapper Is A Magical Map Where You Can See Which Countries Require Visas To Visit”

You can find a direct link to the VisaMapper app (and other tools) under “Student Resources” on the left side of this blog.

“VisaMapper Is A Magical Map Where You Can See Which Countries Require Visas To Visit”

by Suzy Strutner via “Huffington Post

“This might be the most brilliant thing a Reddit user has done in a while.

To curb the pain of the “do I need a visa?!” research headache, udit99 made a no-frills website called VisaMapper. Visitors select their nationality from a drop-down menu and instantly see, on a color-coded world map, which countries require a visa for them to visit and which don’t.

Tell VisaMapper you’re of Swedish citizenship, for example, and watch loads of nations on the map turn to happy shades of green. This color means you won’t need a visa to visit them. . . . .”

I will say that I can’t tell when the map applies. . . . Sometimes the rules are different for travelers staying longer than 90 days (or a similar length of time) which would often include students.  England I know has different requirements than I think this app shows.

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