“96 Travel Tips for a Student Budget”

“96 Travel Tips for a Student Budget”

by Kyle Owens via “GoOverseas.com”

backpackers in the backwoods

“College is a memorable time in your life where you can study, meet people and expand your cultural horizon. Why not take that one step further? As a student, you typically spend a lot of your time in the library or in the classroom, which doesn’t leave you too much time for fun. Now, many students empty their savings account and fly somewhere tropical for a spring break trip – but I’m here to tell you how to make those hard earned dollars take you even further (for even longer!). It’s very important to travel and learn about the world outside of your own; however, you don’t need to break your bank account in order to make that happen.

Typically, the cost for a person to buy a one-way ticket to another country is less than one thousand dollars. Now, once you’re there things are going to cost hundreds of dollars, right? Wrong! If you’re a frugal person (and most student travelers are), you can easily manage to fund a trip. You just have to know where to look – that’s where I come in. I have traveled pretty extensively as a student, so I know which corners to cut and which to keep. Who knows, maybe 1 or 2 of these 95 tips will even inspire you to book your own college trip and start traveling!

  1. Plan ahead!
  2. Budget your money in advance; don’t try to do it on the go.
  3. Create your own version of a first aid kit.
  4. Wrap duct tape around a pen in your backpack – you’ll be able to write and fix almost anything!
  5. Small pocket knives are handier than you think.
  6. Train passes in Europe are cheaper than flights!
  7. Beers cost less at fast food joints.
  8. Earplugs can be the cheapest/best tool in your bag in a noisy city or hostel.
  9. Expensive suitcases are unnecessary; just grab a backpack.
  10. There is nothing more satisfying than a packed lunch on top of a mountain. The climb will probably be free too!
  11. Touring a city = burning a whole lot of calories. Don’t be afraid to save $$ by eating fast food.
  12. Don’t carry much cash on you; you’ll be in bad shape if you get mugged.
  13. Check local tipping laws before handing extra dough to your bartender or server.
  14. Feeling brave and ultra=cheap? Hit up local outdoor markets or hawker stands.
  15. WWOOFing allows you to earn your keep by working on a farm. A unique way to explore the world!
  16. Why not give bartending a chance!? Make some extra cash while traveling and often times the bar will feed you during your shift.
  17. Sign up for a rewards credit cards useable worldwide and immediately begin reaping the benefits!
  18. Fruit stands and fruit shakes. Healthy, filling, and typically inexpensive.
  19. Hotels are too expensive; rough it a little in a hostel!
  20. Don’t stay overnight inside the city; hostels outside the city limits will be easier on your wallet.
  21. Nothing turns a destination into a home like exploring on your budget-friendly feet.
  22. Buy good sneakers upfront that will last you. Better to fork out money once than replacing a pair somewhere down the road.
  23. For longer treks, bus tickets, instead of taxis, can save you big bucks.
  24. Buy food in bulk and cook your own food when possible.
  25. Don’t waste anything on your plate, you’ll regret it.
  26. If you have an iPhone, use your Facetime to talk instead of paying for minutes abroad; these costs vary, but all countries are expensive.
  27. Talk to local people, they might have cool ideas for smaller, inexpensive restaurants.
  28. Try to find local work if you are abroad for an extended period of time to help immerse yourself in the culture and earn some extra money.
  29. Some museums offer free tours – just ask!
  30. Many hostels and pubs offer student discounts, so don’t leave home without your student ID card.
  31. Couchsurfing is a great way to travel and meet people. If you haven’t couchsurfed yet, get on it!
  32. If you’re friendly and chatty, you never know what the guy next to you might offer to you.
  33. A little goes a long way with haggling – most people are willing to barter if you act like you know what you’re doing.
  34. Being organized will save you (oodles and oodles of) money! . . . .



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