Keep connected back home while studying abroad

“Keep connected back home while studying abroad”

by Julia Moreno via “Vidette Online”

(Archive Photo) Despite all of the technology that helps staying in touch easy, writing and mailing letters to loved ones while studying abroad makes for more personal communication.

Studying in a foreign country and being away from loved ones for an extended period of time is not easy; however, several computer and smartphone apps are now making it more convenient and accessible to stay in touch with friends and family.

The following are some of the best technology solutions that can help ease any feelings of homesickness when a college student is studying abroad:


This is a video app that is downloadable on smart phones or computers. The application is free and can be downloaded from the Internet. People with the application can call each other and not only hear but see the person. FaceTime is also another option for iPhone and iPad users. Wifi is a necessary thing while using this app.


A texting application that is free for both Android and iPhone users. It’s free of charge and both users can send and receive texts regardless of where each person may be located.

“Viber is also available to download on computers, making it very nice for parents who aren’t tech savvy,” Haley Daignault, a study abroad advisor with the Office of International Studies and Programs, said.


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