22 Creative Ways to Document Your Time Abroad

22 Creative Ways to Document Your Time Abroad”

by Stephanie Sadler via “CAPA

Less than a decade ago, students would go abroad without a laptop or a smart phone. They might snap a few photos along the way with a film camera, develop them when they return to the States and pop a few in a physical photo album (or for the more creative, a scrapbook) to share with friends and family. How times have changed…

CAPA alumna and blog columnist Dee Liang recently wrote about the importance of documenting your time abroad and how to select what you post in our world of information overload: “Post wisely and post the good,” she said. “For the sake of keepsakes and memories, do what you need to do to make the experience worthwhile. Do whatever you need and want to make your time meaningful. But ultimately, do this for yourself.”

Below, we share 22 different ways you might consider documenting your time abroad:


1. KEEP A PAPER JOURNAL. Dee’s favorite way to document her memories is to sit down in a coffee shop with a simple notebook and pen and let her thoughts flow alongside the caffeine. No wi-fi required. The downside? You’ll need to remember to carry a notebook with you.

My Travel Journal
Travel journal by Lajon Tanganco

2. USE PHONE NOTES. If you have a smart phone or a tablet, make use of the notes section or a notes app. Like a paper journal, you won’t have to rely on wi-fi. If you’re always on the go, you won’t need to remember your notebook either or wait until you’re home to record your memories. Stuck in bus traffic or zooming through dark London underground tunnels? Those moments make excellent opportunities to type up a few notes while they’re fresh in your head. You can expand on them or turn them into a different format later.

Image via www.engadget.com

3. START A BLOG. If you’re planning to write regularly and publically about your time abroad, a blog is an excellent option, especially if you’d like to share your adventures with your friends and family back home. Check out popular platforms like Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger or SquareSpace that are free to use and easy to learn. We’ll soon be writing a more comprehensive guide to blogging while you’re abroad, so stay tuned.

Girl on Laptop in Park
Photo: Blogging in the park by CollegeDegrees360

4. START A VLOG. If writing and photography aren’t your preferred way to communicate your stories, starting a vlog is a fantastic alternative. You don’t need fancy equipment – the video camera on your phone will do the trick and you can use simple, free programs like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker for basic editing. YouTube and Vimeo are the most popular platforms for posting and building your audience. There are plenty of travel vloggers out there to inspire you. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can embed your vlog videos into a blog and take advantage of both.  . . . .


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