Longer study abroad opportunities heighten cultural understanding

Longer study abroad opportunities heighten cultural understanding

by Maddy Perello via “The Daily Aztec”

San Diego State’s Study Abroad Office is “committed to building a global learning community … (and) preparing students for an increasingly globally interconnected future,” according to their website. To me, studying abroad is all about being immersed in an unfamiliar culture with the hopes of bringing new perspectives and awareness back home. I asked a couple study abroad veterans if they felt like their time abroad was long enough to do so. – 

The program consisted of one class taught in English by professors from SDSU. In addition, the students helped out at a bilingual, semi-private K-12 school. “The only thing is I would have liked to study in a university in Spain,” she said. “I thought we would study at the University of Granada or something, and then go to the K-12 school later, but we had our class in the K-12 school too.” She did say condensing a class into just four weeks was hectic and a little stressful. “I would have liked to have gone for a semester, only because it felt a little rushed,” Sakaria said. “I didn’t feel like I had enough time. I can’t wait to go back.” The students on the trip stayed in dorms with Spanish students, Sakaria said really made her feel immersed in Spanish culture. “We had meals together every day of the week, went to events together, and went out at night,” she said. – . . . .


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