International Merry Christmas”


Hi Everyone!

Sorry to have been absent the last two weeks.  Life has been a little crazy here in China with the end of the semester and everything.  The final exam included a 10 minute interview one-on-one with the professor (me) to discuss their final papers. In Chinese student terms, this meant a 30-45 minute interview (gotta love overachievers).  So I just interviewed 160+ students over two weeks at 30-45 minutes a pop.  Plus, my students are all leaving seniors this semester, so they have been dropping by to say goodbye before they head off to their new jobs. 0_0 Suffice to say it’s been a little crazy.  

But finals are over again, so posts will start up again next week!

Merry Belated Christmas and Happy New Year!


“12 Must-have Gifts for Students Studying Abroad”

“12 Must-have Gifts for Students Studying Abroad”

by Stacie Nevadomski Berdan

“With nearly 300,000 students studying abroad in 2012-2013, a new wave of students will depart on a much-anticipated adventure abroad right after the holidays in late December/early January. Two of my nieces will be among them – one a sophomore at Elon University, the other a freshman at Temple University. To help them choose their first study abroad program, I had already given them each a copy of my latest book, A Student Guide to Study Abroad, and I was inspired to go beyond the easy, even if always appreciated, gift of cash. So I complemented my own traveler’s experiences with research that included soliciting insight and ideas from the recent study abroad veterans who contributed to my book. With the gift-giving season now in full swing, consider giving that special student in your life a present they will find invaluable during their time abroad. Whether going abroad for a month, a year or somewhere in between, there’s something in the following list for every intrepid young traveler. . . .”