The Ultimate Packing Guide For International Explorers

The Ultimate Packing Guide For International Explorers

by Sarah Smith via FOOD À LA FAC”

“Well, I leave the good ol’ USA in about 3 days and 15 hours (but nobody’s counting). I gotta tell you- things feel pretty weird. I’m  in limbo where I have all this excitedly nervous energy emitting from my poofy blonde locks…..but I havent actually left yet. However, getting to pack does put some of that unused energy into something a bit more productive. And, as you guessed, I LOVE PACKING. I love suitcases, I love luggage tags and I love those little cute travel-sized body washes and shampoos from Target. . . .”


“50 Travel Tips You Must Know Before You Go: Phil Tripp’s Top Tips”

“50 Travel Tips You Must Know Before You Go: Phil Tripp’s Top Tips”

by Phil Tripp via “The Australian

World traveller Phil Tripp has shared his advice.

Why the women’s wear?

It’s not a case of cross dressing. It’s just common sense for any man travelling with a female travel companion, in case of lost luggage.

And no, it doesn’t mean the female counterpart gets to fill her own luggage AND half her fella’s suitcase too.

She should carry a few changes of clothes for her partner in her luggage, too.

That way, if one piece of luggage is lost or delayed, both travellers will always have something to wear. . . . “


Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Tips: “Which Clothes to Pack”

“Which Clothes to Pack”

by Rick Steves via “Rick Steves Europe”

Swiss Alps“The bulk of your luggage is filled with clothing. Minimize by bringing less. Experienced travelers try to bring only things that will be worn repeatedly, complement other items, and have multiple uses (for example, since I don’t swim much, I let my shorts double as a swimsuit). Pack with color coordination in mind. Neutral colors (black, navy, khaki) dress up easily and can be extremely versatile.. . . “