Airline Cheat Sheet ~ How to Bypass Airline’s Automated Phone System to Get a Real Person

Awesome! The British Travel site Cheap Flights ( has created an infograph helping travelers get ahold real human beings when calling an airline for help. 

Frequent travelers are all aware of the aggravation and time wasted whenever you have to call an airline to get help. Sometimes it’s all but impossible to find your way through the system (especially if the trusty “press 0 for operator” doesn’t work. 🙂 

So Cheap Flights put together this sheet to tell you what buttons to push if you want to get ahold of a person. Great Idea!

Tips for finding cheap airline fares

“Tips for finding cheap airline fares”

via “The Associated Press”


— Travel during off-peak times. Two of the slowest periods for air travel are Dec. 1 to Dec. 14 and then Jan. 4 to Feb. 15.

— Fly on slow days. Planes tend to have the most empty seats on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

— Do a flexible date search. Sites like ITA Software and let travelers pull up a calendar with the cheapest days to fly between two airports.

— Consider nearby airports. Driving an extra 50 miles might save $100 per person.

— Look for routes flown by Frontier, Southwest and Spirit. Other airlines are matching or beating their fares.

— Take advantage of the 24-hour rule. Passengers have 24 hours after buying a ticket to get a full refund. The day after booking a flight, check back to see if fares have fallen. Cancel and rebook at the lower price. . . . .


“15 Flying Tips That’ll Keep You Sane This Summer”

Wow, some of these would have maybe been helpful on my study abroad trips (like checking for more space in the back of the plane).  i’ll have to keep them in mind next time! **DB

“15 Flying Tips That’ll Keep You Sane This Summer”

by Betty via “Yahoo”

15 Flying Tips That'll Keep You Sane This Summer

1.  Think about your outfit for your airplane trip.  Not how you look but how you will feel!  People get on airplanes dressed in ripped shorts, flip-flops, and a tank top and then complain that they are freezing?!? Whenever I fly, I always have a scarf or jacket I can put on if I’m cold or use as a pillow.


Guess who’s going to be shivering during her flight (Photo: Thinkstock)

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“5 Simple Ways to Make Air Travel More Fun”

“5 Simple Ways to Make Air Travel More Fun”

by Rocco Pendola via “The Street”

“I state that following this directive can “make air travel more fun” because your fellow passengers will not look to you — without saying a word in most cases — as part of the problem in air travel these days.  I’ve Finally Found a Use for Klout. It’s still the biggest waste of venture capital in . . . “