Book Review: “The Guidebook for International Students in Québec”

I don’t know if I can really call this a book review, when it’s only a five page pdf, but what the hey! 🙂  Author Tobias Fisch has graciously put together a handy little online booklet for students interested in studying in Québec/Canada.  

To start with, a disclaimer: I get the feeling that the author is talking about studying in High School, because he/she discusses the opportunity to participate in Prom, Graduation, and the “big exams.”  Still, I didn’t think that really detracted from the guidebook–only a short part (the section on how classes work) was relevant to what level of education you’re in.  And if you are in  high school, it’s all good–especially the part about the 10-day schedule!

The rest of it went over generally helpful information for all students studying abroad (how to adjust to a host family, how to avoid homesickness) and then very specific information about Québec itself starting on page 3.  

Some of the things you might want to check out are the slang words used in Québecan French, how the money works, the standard tax rate (calculate it into your prices!), how to arrange phone communication, and the Unit changes.  Actually pretty much all of the information from pages 3-5 are helpful.  So if you are interested in studying in Canada, you might check it out!

“The Guidebook for International Students in Québec”

by Tobias fisch

Available on Smashwords/ Price: Free

“Traveler’s Lodestone” out in Hard Copy!

Celebrations abound! At last, “Traveler’s Lodestone” is officially out in hard copy — a great universal translator ready for use!

After a great deal of time and effort, we have put together this great resource for anyone working with foreign languages. Whether that be while traveling abroad or when dealing with non-native speakers in your own backyard.  “Traveler’s Lodestone”  is a point-to-speak book. It uses picture-based communications to cover the basic things a person would need when conversing in any foreign language. The idea is that when the words aren’t at the tip of your tongue, the pictures are at the tip of your finger. Everything from groceries to clothes to hotel amenities to weather, directions, and more is available instantly with this easy to use book. It’s quick and universal!

Right now it’s out on CreateSpace, but coming soon to Amazon and other booksellers near you. At 5×8 and 100 pages, it’s small enough to stick in your purse or bag and carry around, easy to pull out and use. Check out this great universal translator! Now tested in Korea, Japan, and China–it worked perfectly! (the Bathroom/Toilet pic is apparently very popular 😛 )  Trust me; I’ve tried the dictionaries, translation books, etc. and this is the best tool I’ve found so far.

Great for students abroad!

Pick up Your Paperback Copy By Clicking Here

If you are interested in the E-book Version, that’s available here.  The e-book is actually broken up into 3 short Volumes for easier use.

We’re also working on a Android/Apple app. As soon as I figure out how to attach buttons to links, we’ll be adding that.