7 Pro Tips to Make Travel More Efficient

“7 Pro Tips to Make Travel More Efficient”

by Dani Fankhauser via “Mashable

“The ability to waltz elegantly through chaotic airports like an individual actually on vacation isn’t something you’re born with; it is earned. Packing and planning for optimal travel serenity can take years of trips filled with stress and anxiety before you finally hit your stride and start coming out on top, no matter the lines or the hold-ups. The airport, or the train station or cruise ship dock is where many trips begin, and thus is your launchpad for an awesome trip, be it for work, pleasure or both.

What do the happiest travelers have going for them? Some might just force a smile and promise themselves a drink on board, while others likely spent the entire morning meditating as to fully relinquish control while the airport is still a mile away. But for someone without these capabilities, a little pre-planning and gathering of only the best supplies can stop that trip anxiety before it starts.

The following travel tips, packing hacks and apps can make your next trip the smoothest yet. Give them a try and tell us how it goes for you. . . . . “