What Would Your Lock Say?


During my study abroad time in South Korea, one of my favorite respites was hiking up to the N Seoul Tower and looking out over the view of the city.  Along the railings, both locals and foreigners have marked their time there with personalized locks.    It’s always interesting to see where people are from (Thailand, Indonesia, America, England. . . ) and to think that we are all coming together like this.

On your study abroad trip, have you left some piece of you behind like this?  Tell Us your memories!! 

Good idea for Short #StudyAbroad trips!

What Can You Share?

Maybe you aren’t going to travel around the world for three years like this guy. But if you are traveling abroad, you are guaranteed some completely amazing sights. So what can you do to share or preserve the memories of your trip?  Try to think of something really awesome and unique!  

Have a link to your video/project like this? Share it in the comments!