Hi Everyone!

Sorry to have been absent the last two weeks.  Life has been a little crazy here in China with the end of the semester and everything.  The final exam included a 10 minute interview one-on-one with the professor (me) to discuss their final papers. In Chinese student terms, this meant a 30-45 minute interview (gotta love overachievers).  So I just interviewed 160+ students over two weeks at 30-45 minutes a pop.  Plus, my students are all leaving seniors this semester, so they have been dropping by to say goodbye before they head off to their new jobs. 0_0 Suffice to say it’s been a little crazy.  

But finals are over again, so posts will start up again next week!

Merry Belated Christmas and Happy New Year!


“10 Travel Tips from HamletHub and Red Cross”

“10 Travel Tips from HamletHub and Red Cross”

by Tom Zareki via “HamletHub

Now that Christmas is behind us and the local weather is calling for a VERY sunny weekend and sunny skies right through New Year’s Day, remember there are still millions of Americans traveling in less-than-familiar locations. You may be one of those travelers, or be one car away from someone who is.

The HamletHub team wants to make sure you’re not involved in a travel accident, so using the vast information on the American Red Cross web site, we’ve collected TONS of information on safe travel, and have narrowed their many travel tips down to an easy-to-digest list.


When travelling, remember that nearly everything you touch has been touched by someone else: airplane arm rests, luggage, grocery bags, gas pump handles, door handles,  . . . .”