“US University Delegation Arrives in Israel to Forge New Study Abroad Partnerships”

“US University Delegation Arrives in Israel to Forge New Study Abroad Partnerships”


“A delegation of 13 representatives from leading universities and study abroad programs in the United States arrived in Israel for a weeklong visit, geared toward developing new study abroad collaborations with Israeli institutions.
Masa Israel Journey, a partnership between the Jewish Agency and the government, organized the visit along with the Foreign Ministry.
While in Israel, the delegation, comprised of. . . .”


“Over 3,000 Romanian Students Go to Study Abroad Every Year through the Erasmus Programme”

“Over 3,000 Romanian Students Go to Study Abroad Every Year through the Erasmus Programme”

by Irinia Popescu via “Romania Insider

“Over 53,000 Romanian students went to study abroad between 1998 and 2013 through the educational programme Erasmus, according to the information provided by the National Agency for Community Programs for Education and Professional Development (ANPCDEFP), quoted by local business daily Zf.ro.

Most of the students go to study abroad for a period of six months and the value of the monthly scholarships vary bet . . . .”


“Texas A&M Moves Up Among Leaders In U.S. Study Abroad Programs”

“Texas A&M Moves Up Among Leaders In U.S. Study Abroad Programs”

via “TAMU Times

Texas A&M University now ranks as one of the top institutions in the nation in the number of students studying abroad, according to a study conducted by the Institute of International Education (IIE) and the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

The report shows Texas A&M now ranks 13thnationally in having its students take advantage of opportunities to study in other countries and, in the process, broaden their cultural and related perspectives. Texas A&M placed 21st in a comparable previous study.

“The 2013 Open Doors report, which tracks study abroad and international student activity . . . .”


“19 Things You’ll Appreciate Only If You Studied Abroad”

“19 Things You’ll Appreciate Only If You Studied Abroad”

by Suzy Strutner via “Huffington Post

“Because as someone famous once said, “the best things you learn aren’t learned in a classroom.”

1. Contrary to every mother’s belief, you won’t even feel sick if you eat gelato for every meal.
Or pizza. Or crepes. Or empanadas. Or anything in the top, bad-for-you section of the food pyramid. We’re on a budget here, people. . . . .”


“Studying Abroad Without Leaving the Classroom”

“Studying Abroad Without Leaving the Classroom”

by Gene Hickok, Lucas Welch via “US News”

“In today’s interconnected world, our security and prosperity do not come from within our borders alone. We are increasingly interdependent on countries and individuals around the globe for our safety. In order for our nation to thrive, we must invest in thoughtful relationships with Africans, Asians, Latinos, Europeans, Middle Easterners and so forth.

These relationships must not be limited to diplomats, military and political leaders. Perhaps our most important diplomats are our nation’s students – our future leaders, our future opinion-shapers, our future businessmen. . . . .”

“Studying Abroad: Tips, Advice from Students, Staff”

“Studying Abroad: Tips, Advice from Students, Staff”

by Lauren Holtmeier via “The Collegian

Studying abroad can be a very unique and exciting experience for many students, and K-State offers many study abroad options in a broad selection of countries. However, after committing to a program, getting all the necessary paperwork, forms and pre-arrival arrangements made can be a hectic time for a lot of students.

“There are so many study abroad options out there to various locations and for various lengths of time, if nothing else look at all of your options available to you,” Logan Gauby, peer advisor in the study abroad office, said.. . . .”


“Couchsurf Your Way Through Study Abroad”

“Couchsurf Your Way Through Study Abroad”

by Claire Voon via “NYU Local

“If you’re studying abroad next semester, chances are you will travel to other cities on the weekends or during spring break. Many students turn to hostels for lodging, but sometimes bunked beds, communal hallway bathrooms and sharing a room with strangers is simply too much to handle. Using Airbnb is one option, but the service can sometimes be pricy, especially for last minute trip planning.. . . .”


Bringing Global Home

“Bringing Global Home”

by Wendy B. Libby via “Huffington Post

“Study abroad. Perhaps no other experience has the ability to so swiftly and absolutely change students’ lives and prepare them for any opportunity the world might offer.

It’s widely acknowledged that immersing yourself in another culture and language stretches your view of the world. It provides experience in managing and navigating unique situations. It develops your confidence and helps you achieve personal growth while imparting concrete skills that last a lifetime. Not only are these core characteristics that we seek to instill in our students at Stetson University, but they are also critical – with a nod toThomas Friedman – to navigating our shrunken, flattened world. . . .”

“Center Ranked No. 3 in The Nation for Study Abroad”

“Center Ranked No. 3 in The Nation for Study Abroad”

via “AM News”

“The recently released Open Doors report on study abroad trends by the Institute of International Education once again recognizes Centre College as among the nation’s leaders in international education. The college earned a No. 3 national ranking this year for study abroad participation rates for an undergraduate college. . . . .”


“Study Abroad Program Relocates to Jordan”

“Study Abroad Program Relocates to Jordan”

by Sam Abrams via “The Hoya

A new summer study abroad option in Amman, Jordan, will replace the Office of International Programs’ offerings in Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt, that were cancelled because of turmoil in the region last year.
Both summer and fall programs in Egypt were cancelled because of unrest with students originally signed up for semesters in Egypt.